Sun, sand and tan lines

So, I went to the beach last Sunday, the weather was so good and the first thing I woke up, I went to Jo and say: “Lets go to the beach!” Jo replied: ” OK!” We packed and I changed into my new swimsuit from Wicked Weasel, I love their Swimsuit and undies, it’s very comfy and quality is damn good. Ok back to the topic, we headed to St Joseph at around 1pm, before leaving the house the two lil doggies, Nacho and Ruffle looked at me like they wanted to come along as well. I wanted to bring them but they say no pets are allowed at the beach so i’m so sorry guys, but I promised them I will bring them out later the night to see fireworks in South Heaven.

About an hour of ride, we finally reached our destination. The beach was crowded with damn a lot of people.

We found ourselves a spot that we can lay down and enjoy the view.

Applied sunblock lotion and I’m ready to change some the color of my skin…

Lay down and enjoyed sunbathing…

He doesn’t like to get tanned because he said he has darker color skin compared to mine .

Our self taken pic with the heavy SLR, gosh…

My baby camera came with us…

About an hour of sunbathing, I was ready to get my ass back to the car.

So we packed our stuff and headed to their town and walked around, we found this chocolate shop and we went in to have some dessert. We order 3 layers chocolate cake.

Well, I prefer that one from ChinChin, it tastes nicer.

After dessert we headed back home to get ready to go to South Heaven at night. I continued sunbathing in the car on the journey back home.


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