Pre-Wedding Album

A few of you have been asking me to upload my pre wedding album but I seriously had no time to do so.

In fact, I had already done editing this pre-wedding album for a while now, it’s just that I thought that it’d be better to not to post it up until after my wedding.

If not my guests will be like ‘sien la’, I saw this before one hahaha

I’m still waiting for 3PM Studios to get back to me on the videos and also pictures. Once I have gotten them from them I will share them with everyone!

I edited this video using iMovie.

We decided to do it ourselves because the one that the bridal shop gave us is way too outdated.

Imagine flowers blooming at the corner of your picture, music box melody (chinese song) and weird looking water effect and etc…

Seriously, I cant stand it ==”

O yea, I will be heading to Penang tomorrow with Jo’s friends for 2 nights!

I love visiting Penang because of all the yummy local food, asam laksa, cendol and lobak!!!

OMG drooling!!

A few of you prefer that I update more on my daily life instead of just LOTD right ==”

I promise you I will be bringing my camera with me throughout the trip so I can share everything I will be doing in Penang!

Like this good or not?

So till then….

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