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Our 5th Anniversary ♥ 2

*opened my eyes*

Me:” Wooooo we slept at 10.30pm last night.”

Jo:”Yea, I know.”

Me:” I still cannot believe it.”

Got up and went to wash up with the we-slept-at-10.30pm-on-a-vacation still stuck in my head. Our plan for the 2nd day was to have breakfast, walk around at the beach, have lunch and then go for our spa session.

On the way out to have breakfast.

Took a picture of this beautiful flower. Jo always complains that I always take pictures of flowers and views ==” then I answered they deserved to be in the picture because they are beautiful!

Jo and I

What I always have when it comes to breakfast, scrambled eggs, croissant, bacon and red beans.

Top: Topshop

Pants: Topshop

Sandles: Chanel

At the library..

Breath taking view take 2

Then we went back to our room and did a lil photoshoot  before we checked in to the Hill Villas

Then, off we went to the beach for another photoshoot and a sun bathing session

Look at the blue sea, so pretty

Tried to write it in a very creative way but failed.

JO was like why is my name bigger than urs?? I was like fuck it la can see can edi!

then i walked towards the woods and found this big leaf …

All of the sudden, I was inspired to take a shot of the beach and an empty chair. So I pulled the chair all the way from the top to the bottom and Jo was like wtf r u doing?

This is the end result.

Got my leather slippers from Hollister back in the States, it’s the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. It has also lasted for more than 3 years, I wear it to the beach all time and it’s still in very good condition! LOVE IT

Then we went over to Chapman’s Bay to have lunch since this restaurant was just right beside the beach. I LOVE their Greek salad, so we decided to  go there for lunch.

Bumped into the scary looking bird, he would stare at you for 1-2 min and then steal your food! Damn garang one! I was so afraid he might fly over and attack me ==”

While waiting for our food… I dont know y but Polaroid pictures seem to go well with cancan hats.

As usual, Greek Salad for me and Jo tried their fried squid.

we ordered one main course cause I was still too full from our breakfast.

For dessert, we had their fruit platter.

After lunch, we headed back to the Spa Village to catch our little spa session.

Spa Village

The reception area

Jo said he wanted to push me into the pond just to check if fishes eat people.

I was bored so I camwhored ==”

We chose the Malay Spa and it started with a foot massage then a long shower session.

I was concentrating on the massager’s story

The locker room

The shower room

They gave us a sarong as a gift after the spa session.

We headed back to the reception to checked into the Hill Villa for our 2nd night. The best thing about checking in and out of the resort was that you didnt have to worry about ur luggages. All you need to do is to pack ur stuff and leave it in ur room and their staff will pick them up and send them to the destination. *thumbs up*

We checked into room 372

Let me show you guys around in our hill villa


The difference between his and her table.



all dressed up for dinner!!!

Thank god they built a lift, if not we would have to climb up to 5 floors of stairs to get to our room.

Top: American Apparel

Skirt: F21

Sandals: Chanel

After dinner, I got really irritated by my top, it’s too tight (I know I gained weight) and my neck hurt so bad. We had to go back to our room to change into something more comfy and brought along our laptop to the library (the only place that has WiFi)

The library. They provided all types of books for their guests to read during their stay there.

I hopped up into the huge bed and Jo was like I knew you will choose this, very expected.

After that we went back to our room and watched some TV. Lucky for me that MTV karaoke thingy was on so I sang along for an hour, Jo was irritated by my beautiful voice for an hour then we fell asleep again at around 11pm.

to be continued…..


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