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I Love Surprises! Part 2

Day 2 was a typical ‘tourist’ day.

Jo suggested we should head over to the tourist attractions on day 2 plus the weather was awesome.

Woke up really early; it was around 9am when we stepped out from our hotel. We had no idea what to have for breakfast so we decided to have breakfast in our hotel.

We walked all the way from our hotel to Siam Paragon to take the train so that we could stop by at Mulberry. Passed by this very cool looking public transport Station.

Skywalk is awesome for times when we had to walk from mall to mall.

A picture of myself hahaha *vain*

Reached Saphan Thaksin jetty and bought their ‘Day Pass’ for unlimited rides for RM15, YAHOO!

In the tourist boat.

Didn’t get to ride on the TukTuks cox they were too expensive. I would rather take a taxi if they charge the same price.

First stop was the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

The statue at the main entrance.

Look how big the statue is!

They wanted me to wear a scarf around my waist because my shorts were too short.

I donated 10 baht to the temple and in exchange, they gave me a bowl of coins to fill into every donation bowl.

Then we went over to the back of the temple and saw this beautiful building.

Pretty interesting sculptures.


I was super hot and I sweated like a mad cow! I kinda regretted that I agreed to be a tourist for the day cause all I could  think of was to go SHOPPING and AIR CONDITIONING.

Finally, I found a pretty door for a picture and the best thing was there was shade!

Another tourist picture of me hahah.

They sell these every where in BKK and I love the colors and the designs.

We stopped by at this local stall to have lunch.

Me =D

Tom Yam Gong

Pork fried rice!

Jo and his syok sendiri look, wahahha

While on the way back to the jetty, we passed by this pretty interesting store which only sold dried seafood.

3rd stop was Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn.

The locals were in the middle of praying for a religious festival when we got there.

They hung real currency around the temple for the festival going on that day.

Again, I was forced to put on a sarong and a scarf to cover up my legs and arms. I guess it’s better than putting on sun block.


The minute I saw this store I thought they were selling their traditional outfits and I was thinking to get one!

Well, ended up they weren’t selling. In fact, they were lending out clothes for tourists like me to take pictures as a souvenir for RM10. I looked at Jo and he says:” Just go and give me ur bags; I know u want it so bad.”

By the way, I realized local aunties loves to touch my butt! The aunty who was dressing me up touched my butt a few times. It wasn’t accidental, it was like slapping ur butt kind of touch. I dont really mind la hahaha…

To be honest, I love Thai traditional outfits! So colorful and it makes u feel richer instantly cause of all the gold colored accessories.

Jo refused to change, BORINGGGGGGGGG……

Random shot.

Random shot of some monks on the boat.

We rushed over to the Palace but by the time we got there the guard said, “We are closed, come tomorrow.” SHIT, all our effort wasted. Jo being nice so he said, “nothing much to see inside, just a few building that look like the ones we just saw.” So we headed back to the jetty and decided to end our tourist trip at 4pm.

Waiting for our ride…

On the way back to Siam Paragon, we were exhausted…

Got to Siam Paragon and decided to walk around in Siam Center and MBK. The traffic in BKK is the worst.

Love their Valentine’s Day decorations

They can customize almost anything! Saw these cool looking Fujifilm polaroid cameras.

Jo says KFC in Bkk is a must try, so we had that for dinner. The one that Jo ordered was the best; it was crispy chicken on rice with green curry * thumbs up*

After walking for non-stop for more than 8 hours I was super tired and my legs hurt like hell! We decided to call it a day and headed back to our hotel.

We walked around Siam Paragon and the night markets around MBK. Saw a few boutiques and bought some stuff.

My purchase of the day was this make-up/cosmetics box! Got it at Siam Paragon for around RM200.

Now I dont have to carry 2 bags for my cosmetics!!!

I’m done with day 2! Stay tuned for days 3 and 4 k!!!


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    nice wan!!!!

    March 3, 2011 at 3:07 pm
  • Reply MK

    I love your hair, I am always too shy to braid my hair since I am now a young adult! But you look fabulous that I want to braid my hair too!

    March 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm
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    Hi where Is the exact place you saw the customise polariod camera ? TIA

    October 11, 2012 at 4:56 pm
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