LOTD- My Killer Flats

White Top- Topshop
Denim Shirt- Topshop
Disco Pants- Siam Square, Bangkok
Flats- Jeffery Campbell
Necklace- Chatuchak, Bangkok
Bag- Balenciaga

Bought this necklace recently during our trip to Bangkok few weeks ago. Decided to wear an orange color lipstick to complete this look. 

Finally had a chance to bring these babies out to play! These flats are super comfy and they can also protect me hahahah. I was thinking, if anyone tries to attack me I will just kick the hell out of him hahahha.

I always thought that I wont look good in high waisted pants (super tight kind) due to my big ass ==” Surprisingly these pair makes me look like I have a pair of long and skinny legs!

If I’m not mistaken you can get a similar pair in Sg Wang too because I saw it there the last time I went. The price might be slightly more expensive but doesn’t matter that much if it looks nice on you, right?

Recently I got bored of my Hello Kitty screen protector and  wanted a case that is not pink, something that it’s more mature but yet not too boring.

So, I stumbled upon this page that sells Iphone/ Ipad/ and other accessories, and this Marilyn Monroe case got my attention immediately!

WHO DOESNT LOVE MARILYN MONROE especially when she has a heart on her eye! hahahahhaha

This case matches the strawberry pin that I bought in China =)

It was on a pre-order basis but it took less than 2 weeks to arrive in my mail box! The quality of the case is pretty good compared to the ones I bought from Typo =(

It wont easily get scratched and it fits perfectly! The ones that I bought in China was too tight so I had to spend more than 10 mins just trying to take it off =_____=

If you’re looking for new clothes for your Iphone, Ipad, Samsung or etc, go check them out at Apple2u or their Facebook!


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  • Reply Thedancingjewels

    Absolutely loving the necklace! It screams WOW!
    And omg your shoes!! You can really carry them off!!!


    August 22, 2012 at 11:33 pm
  • Reply The Petite Blogger

    Love the flats!!!!! Great look too! love ur blog darling!

    xoxo jenna

    August 25, 2012 at 1:56 am
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