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Jo’s Birthday Dinner

Last week was Jo’s birthday weekend! I have to admit, I suck at giving birthday surprises and I always fail to give JO a surprise because I never know how to keep something from him. I tell him almost everything but I’m not sure whether he tells me everything or not ==” NVM, I will still find out one ! hahahha

One of my friends came to me the other day and said, “I think the key point that you and Jo can keep this realtionship going for so long is because you guys talk to each other a lot!”. Well, I realized too! We talk to each other a lot, and we will update each other whatever happens from 9am- 5pm! So, next time if people asks me how to maintain a relationship, I will never say “trust” anymore, I will say talk more la!

Ok, sorry a bit off topic…

Jo’s birthday was on the 7th and it was a FRIDAY! So, I asked him a few days before what he wanted to do. He said he just wanted to have dinner with me, that’s it. Then I was like lets go have dinner then a few drinks after?

Jo LOVES alcohol; beer, whiskey, and etc…

I was thinking maybe I should just call his frens and my sisters to celebrate birthday with him!

Everyone was like OF COX, we tot we’re not invited! hehehe

Jo told me he wanted to have Mexican food so I reserved a table at Las Carretas in Jalan Selatan, Bukit Damanasara!

We’ve been there once for Michelle’s birthday and he loved it!

My plan for that day was to go to work then leave earlier from work to pick up his cake an then go home to get ready!

Everything went according to plan till I reached Whisk in Empire Mall to pick up his cake… I went into the cafe and asked to pick up my cake then the cashier replied, “Huh, there is no cake ordered wor!” I freaked out, like literally! I was like, ” THEN I HAVE NO CAKE, HOW!!!!!!” I was seriously damn pissed la, then I continued saying it was a guy who took my order and how could it happen! Luckily, they had an extra red velvet so I still got to bring home a cake. I was still quite pissed and I showed them black face also ==” I tweeted then only realized SHIT it’s supposed to be a surprise!!! Of cox Jo read my tweet and found out there is a cake for him la! SIENNNNNN, I’m will not plan any surprises anymore.

The interior of  this restaurant looks exactly like the ones that we went to when we were in the US! They have this Mexican hat hanging against the wall. I used to have one that I bought in Mexico but I threw it away cox it was too big to bring it back, damn regret la!

Left- Gin, Me, Michelle.

Right- Dudu and Jo

Gary was the photographer so he’s not in this pic ==’

Gary and Jo

The girls! (Pls ignore my bangs =0 )

Birthday boy and his handmade birthday card from my sisters!

Birthday kiss for the birthday boy hahahahhaha. I accidentally dropped his cake so it turns out looking like shit….

Ok, while we were having dinner, I received a phone call from Whisk, the guy was like, “Hi Bobo, what time r u coming over to pick up your cake?” I was like O.O so I replied ” I already picked up my cake from Empire wor!”

He replied, ” It’s ok then! Thanks”. I was like FML I went to the wrong branch to pick up my cake, no wonder they said they didnt receive any order! Jo was like, “Babe, luckily you didnt try to call them on the spot and say this is the number I called ma!!” Hahahhahaha it was so embrassing lo, how can I be so dumb!

OK, Jo was pretty happy with his cake even though it looks awful ==: It looks like there was an earthquake.

After dinner, we went to Afterwerk in Scott Garden for drinks!

It was a fun night and I got so drunk even though it wasn’t my birthday hahahhaha



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  • Reply siow wei

    babe!!!!!!! I couldnt resist but to laugh while reading this post! You really damn cute lor! haha..saw your tweet and I was like how can the staff so I know you are the one being! I guess the earthquake cake was already a surprise for Jo..=D

    September 10, 2012 at 3:12 pm
  • Reply Stephanie Ee

    hahahahahaha! oops!

    September 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm
  • Reply gipsy

    Just wonder, how old is Jo? Haha..Btw, is the cake nice?

    September 12, 2012 at 2:20 pm
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