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Dinner at Zanmai

I realized I always blog about my weekends and not weekdays, but what can I do, work life sucks…Yes, BIG TIME!

So those who are working must know how the end of the month are the happiest days cox it’s when we receive our paychecks.

Right after work I walked to The Gardens and waited for Jo to have dinner.

We decided on Japanese food because I finally got my first paycheck.

The minute I got there, there was already a long queue.

The gave us menus while queuing so we got to order our food before getting a seat to save time !

After 15 minutes of waiting, we were finally brought to our mini table.

Since we already ordered our food while queuing, all we had to do was just wait.

This was also my last day of work, for those who don’t know, yea I quit. I love the working environment but not the job scope, it’s not what I want. My sweet colleagues gave me this present as my goodbye present. The picture frame is full of meaning, for example the cats represent our miao miao gang, the small cactus represents our future Cameron Highlands trip, the ice creams represent how we love snacks and last but not least, the piggy represents our Bah Kut Teh Nights! Thank you guys!

Crabmeat and mayo in beancurd skin

My udon with chicken katsu.

Jo took a snap shot of me before we started eating.

Jo’s japanese curry rice, it tasted too sweet.

Saba shioyaki

Salmon sashimi

Eel, cucumber and egg rice roll

Orange Top – Urban Outfitters

Blazer- Zara

Black skirt – F21

Bag – Balenciaga

Shoes – Aldo

Right after dinner I went home to get changed and headed out to Phuture with Baby Mich and Jo’s frens.

Baby Mich and I

Baby Mich, Vivian and I

It was the first night out with Bb Mich and I had fun with her, although all we did in Phuture tat night was just walking around looking for a place to sit and rest our feet. I hope there is more to come, k bb?


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