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Just looking at the title you should know that this post is related to food…

I know, I know, I dont usually talk about food in my blog besides those travel posts.

So, a few months before my wedding, I was scratching my head and looking up and down for door gifts for guests who are attending wedding. I surfed a few different web sites that sells wedding door gifts but none of them gave me the urge to say ” OK, I WANT THIS.”

Normally if you have your wedding in hotels they usually provide door gifts to each of your guests, some of them are a small slice of cake, 2 pieces of heart shaped chocolate or mints… I personally love the idea of cake or chocolates as door gifts hahaha because wedding dinners usually start LATE, like seriously Malaysians just suck at being punctual! Please just throw all their watches away, thank you. Ok, while waiting for all those late comers to be seated I will be starving by then, so I usually just eat all the door gifts that the hotel provides! There was once I even went around and asked for more because the dinner started 2 hours late…. ==”

While planning for our wedding, I wasn’t that worried on the door gifts for our wedding banquet. I was more worried on door gifts for our ROM.

At first I thought about buying those common door gifts such as frames, magnets, key chains or cups…. Honestly, how many of you actually bring home those door gifts and actually use it?? I dont! I usually just leave them at the wedding cox I know I wont use it, instead of taking it home and leaving it at the corner of my room, I might as well leave it at the wedding and people who want it will definitely take it.

I was telling Jo about it, and our wedding planner, Vi Lynn, came up with this idea, “Why not you give out cookies?” I was like YEAH!!!! Cookies are useful, you wont keep it for long and you know you will eat it la come on…. So it wont waste your money! Vi Lynn ([email protected]) is super powerful and smart… Jo and I were super grateful to have her as our wedding planner.

We were pretty lucky to received a sponsorship from Patty’s cookies. She bakes all the cookies at home, someone who turns her passion in cookies into her very own business! She is pretty good in turning normal looking cookies into a super cute ones!

So I told Vi Lynn lets go with the idea of giving out cookies as our door gift during our ROM, so she was the one who talked and discuss with Patty’s Cookies on a suitable design for our wedding theme.

Then Patty’s Cookies came out with this super cute looking cookies for our ROM. I LOVE pink color and she gave the groom a pink bow tie to match the bride’s pink corset! Besides that she did one with our names on it, super sweet!

I tell you, I received a lot of compliments from our relatives on these cookies! My parents even took a few more to keep, they say they were too super cute to eat so might as well keep in fridge! hahaha

She even gave my corset a few different designs ok, too bad the groom only has one ==”

Got wedding doves too!!

Not just for weddings ok!! She is pretty creative on designing cookies so….

You can order these for your friend’s bridal shower!

Valentine’s day is coming up too, so you can buy these for your loved one! I’m sure this lasts longer than flowers unless she is starving la…

Or birthdays! You can basically do anything with the cookies!!

I love the cookies because she puts them in individual wrapping so you wont have to worry!

NOt just the designs are cute, their cookies tasted pretty yummy too! It’s not too dry or sweet, it’s just nice and moist!!

If you’re really interested into all these cookies, her charges are around RM4-8 for a piece depending on the size and design but if you buy above 100 pieces you will get discount too!

If you need more information, feel free to contact her

Web Site –

FB page –

Email – [email protected]

Faster contact her to order some for CNY!


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  • Reply EuVahn Toh

    Pretty until ng seh tuk eat! 😀

    January 7, 2013 at 7:07 pm
  • Reply kahmon

    A WOW for the corset designs, hahahaha… so pretty!!

    January 14, 2013 at 3:38 pm
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