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3D2N in TaiChung

The third stop of my Taiwan trip was Taichung. I have never been to Taichung before so I didn’t have much expectation, because to me it’s just like any other city in Taiwan, but I was so wrong. Taichung is so new, very clean, and most of their building designs are very modern, and a taxi driver told me that Taichung is considered the newest city in Taiwan. They are slowly picking up, hence a lot of modern buildings.


Since I have never been to Taichung before, I decided to spend 3 days 2 nights in the city. Thank god I made the right choice because the hotel that I stayed in was beyond awesome! It’s by far one of my favorite hotels in Taiwan! I stayed in Hung’s Mansion, it’s a 10 min walk away from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi mall and 5 minute ride from the famous Feng Chia night market. If you’re coming to Taichung with THSR, they also provide free shuttle bus back and forth from THSR station to Hung’s Mansion. If you have a lot of luggage, you can consider taking a taxi at around NT$220, which is not so bad.


I stayed in their deluxe single room which was big enough to fit 4 adults! It comes with an L shaped couch and a study table!


Look at the amount of space I have to myself hahaha and a big TV too!


The bed was so comfy and huge!


The view outside my room =)


One thing that I love about this hotel is their automatic toilet yo! They have it in all the rooms!

DSC07636Spacious shower area is a must after traveling for so many days!


Look at how big the bathroom is and it was all for me only hahhaa.


Their indoor slipper was super comfy that I brought them home with me T__T It’s very fluffy and thick OK, don’t judge!


Just like the other hotels I stayed in Taiwan, they provide all sorts of toiletries for their guests!


I’m in love with their hotel lobby design it’s simple yet modern, the combination of furniture helps to spice up the lobby a lot! They also provide free computer usage and printers for their guests. If you prefer to work in your room then there is in-room wifi too!

DSC07740 DSC07738 DSC07743 DSC07745

Besides that, Hung’s Mansion guests get to enjoy a complimentary hightea session at the hotel restaurant during their stay!


If you’re a gym-a-holic then you can enjoy your gym session here too!


Since Taiwan is famous for night markets, I went to check out Yizhong shopping district on the first night! This area is more for youngsters because there are a few high schools around this area.


If you prefer to check out some sportswear and fashion then this area is perfect for you!


I also tried out the famous brand of fried chicken that my sister won’t stop telling me about! It’s ridiculously yummy, I don’t know how to describe the taste but it’s so different from the normal fried chicken that we had! If you’re coming to Taiwan make sure you give this a try, it can be found in many places in Taipei or Taichung!

DSC07696 DSC07697

Then I happened to pass by a 7-11 that sells a lot of yummy food!! Why 7-11 in Taiwan and Japan can be so happening but Malaysia is still so behind ah!


The next day I went to Fengjia night market for dinner! Like I have mentioned if Yizhong is more for high school students then Fengjia is more crowded with tourists and college kids! That explains why Fengjia stays open later than Yizhong shopping district.


My favorite “Ru Wei” is everywhere in Taiwan!!!

DSC07758 DSC07759 DSC07763

My dinner was a bowl of noodles with a lot of extras!!


Decided to give 猪血糕 (pig’s blood rice) another try because I tried it once when I was little and I hated it hahah. I guess after you grow up your tastes change, it’s not that bad!

DSC07767 DSC07768

More things to see in Fengjia!


The bad thing about going to the night market alone is that you don’t get to enjoy as much food as you wish T____T How to eat all the yummy food alone… I did save some space in my tummy for the famous papaya milk.

DSC07779 DSC07785

Then I went to “da bao” Ming Lun egg pancake for supper.


That’s pretty much about it for my Taichung trip because the weather was way too hot and I was forced to stay in the hotel during most of the day time (It was around 38 degrees Celsius le). I prefer staying in the nice hotel than going out to get myself burned from the sun hahaha.

Then off I went again to Taipei which was the last stop of my Taiwan trip!

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