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1mm Lets You Move the Way You Want

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This post is dedicated to all the girls out there! So, if you’re a guy you can just skip it because this whole post is irrelevant for you guys.

So, girls let me ask you one simple question! Who gets irritated when you need to dress up or workout during period? Me!!*raise hand. I always get frustrated whenever I’m having period but I still need to dress up for dinners, outings or workouts. I hate it when I have to avoid wearing body-fitting dresses or pants during my menstrual days because it’s really uncomfortable and sometimes it shows. I always ask myself why do are all the sanitary pads so thick; it sort of limits my outfit selection to only loose or airy outfits.

1 Thank god, Kao Laurier have heard my prayers because their Ultra Slim range is what we need! “Laurier Super Slimguard- s” see, even the name makes you feel active and free.


KaoLaurier Slimguard 1mm ultra super absorbent sheet gives 2x faster absorption and 5x drier feeling with it’s innovative technology, Quick Dry Mesh Surface and Quick Lock System! The only thing I’m concerned about when I’m wearing a body-fitting dress is the pad line, but with Laurier Slimguard 1mm sheet it can hardly to be seen =) I can choose my outfits according to the occasion instead of forcing myself to wear loose dresses on my menstrual days. Body-fitting dresses are a MUST whenever I go for drinks or dinners hehe.

3 Besides body-fitting dresses, KaoLaurier Slimguard also gives me the freedom I need when I hit the gym because the pad is so light, it’s like I’m not wearing any. No more skipping the gym during my menstrual days!

4By the way, KaoLaurier is having their Laurier Fashion week contest on their Facebook ( There will be a total of 4 teams participating in the contest and along the way, 20 lucky KaoLaurier fans will have the chance to win prizes worth RM8,200 in Laurier products & Topshop vouchers!

All you need to do is to “LIKE” Kaolaurier Facebook page, then follow the theme as given on their page just like the screenshot above! Post a picture of yourself in a purple outfit and tell us how does purple being the new black redefine your confidence with Laurier Super Slimguard! The contest is running from April 22nd – May 2nd!

Last but not least, have you seen the Laurier Super Slimguard YouTube video? I find it funny yet very personal because it happens to any of you every month! Hahaha

My fav scene is when the girl is trying to hit the pad with her tennis racket LOL. It’s exactly how I feel when I need to hit the gym during my period.


Just to show that KaoLaurier Slimguard pad is really slim, I took a picture to show it hehehe. If you still dont believe me, feel free to try it out yourself because they are giving out free samples for everyone, check it out here

Trust me, you will be amazed by how thin it is.

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  • Reply qiing04

    I’m a loyal fan of this pad for years!nNot only because of the 1mm but also the quick absorption and dry surface! nToo bad is it getting more expensive already 🙁

    May 1, 2015 at 6:19 pm
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