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Right after I started my working life, I realized that I always make full use of my weekends. I always have a very tight schedule when it comes to weekends.

So, last week my parents came down to visit me and my sister, it was a so called surprised cause my dad called me while I was dreaming.

Dad: Hey, sleeping??

Bo: yaaaa… *looked at the clock*

Dad: We just checked into Shangri-La and will overnite for 2 days. Want to have Lunch?

Bo: Love to but I have plans… I will come over right after lunch k?

Dad: Ok.

I was forced to wake up at 9am on Saturday. So, I called Jo to meet up at The Curve for lunch and walk around.

When deciding on a restaurant we always end up with something I was really craving for, for example that day I was craving for Dome’s chicken Pie.

The weather was really good so I took the chance to camwhore, It has been a while since I last camwhored with my Lx3.

I love my outfit of the day.

White top – Urban outfitters

Jeans – Forever21

Bra – American Apparel

Bag – Chanel

My bff and colleagues asked me if anyone stared at me and my colleagues continued with you know you’re not in US right? People don’t really dress like this  in Malaysia. I answered, well I guess I am very good in ignoring all the stares from strangers.

It took them forever to cook a damn pie and hummus so we camwhored agian.

I found out that there is a pin hole effect in my camera too so I took a few with the effect and loved it!

After 100 years of waiting our food were finally here. We ordered…

Apple crush and it’s now my favorite drink.

Steak Pie

Hummus. I love love love hummus!

Right when I was about to leave my eye lash did this to me. It decided not to stick to my eyelid anymore and I forgotten to bring along my eye lash glue.

Right after brunch we took a short walk around the stalls and I got myself a hair clip for Phuket.

To be continued…


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