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#JoAndBoCooks – Cold Soba and Grilled Salmon

We eat Japanese food quite often because it’s considered quite healthy and less fattening compared to many other cuisines. The only problem of Japanese cuisine in KL is that it’s pretty costly, if you go to those who are less costly, the serving is either very small or it’s not as fresh. So, I’ve pretty much given up eating  in a Japanese restaurant in KL.

However, since I have my own kitchen now, I get to prepare my very own Japanese dishes at home and at a fraction of the cost. Most of the ingredients can be easily found in any grocer!


The ingredients you need for this dish are :

Soba- 1/2 packet (we can do 4 servings in 1 pack, but depends on you)

Soba dipping sauce – 1 cup or bowl per person

Seaweed – a few sheets sliced thinly

Green onion – I prefer lots and lots of green union

Salmon fillet – 1 piece per person

Salad – 1 packet

Salad dressing – any low fat, or non mayonaise based dressing (such as ranch or thousand island) is OK


This dish is pretty simple and fast! All you need to do is to boil the soba. I prefer the texture to be on the firm side, so once you reached the texture you want, rinse with ice cold water!


Lightly season the salmon with a bit of salt and black pepper then pan fry it!


Prepare a bit of salad on the side of the fillet to have a balanced meal. No greens is a big NONO. Jo doesn’t really like salmon so he made his own teriyaki style chicken breast.


Squeeze and put a slice of lemon on the salmon for some acidity.


A bowl of cold soba with a lot of green onion and seaweed!


There you go, a easy, simple, healthy and satisfying dinner. You can even make it in the morning and bring it to the office for lunch! Soba is meant to be eaten cold and you can just heat up your salmon in a microwave but don’t overcook it!


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