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I am super hardworking right, I’ve posted 3 entries in one day!!! I still can’t believe it ….


After having brunch with Jo, I headed back home to change and headed off to Pavilion to meet up with my parents.

I love shopping in Pavilion especially with my mum; I get to buy whatever I want and she will do the rest and by the rest I mean paying. *devilish laugh*

Zara was having a sale so we spent most of our time there and I spent 1k buying only 2 blazers, 2tops, 2 skirts and a cardigan. I believe I can get a lot more items if I was in the States. Everything is so expensive here even though they’re on sale.

After few hours of walking around in Pavilion, my sister met up with us and then we headed back to the hotel for dinner.

My sis acted busy in the very nice elevator.

My outfit of the night

Blazer- Urban Outfitters

Dress – Sg Wang

Flap – Zara

Bag – Chanel

Got back to our room and changed.

I got a little time to camwhore in the toilet. The lighting in the hotel toilets are always prefect for pictures.

We had dinner at Zipangu a Japanese restaurant in Shangri-La.

The interior of the restaurant.

I ordered their Tempura bento set which included



Chawanmushi- Japanese steamed egg custard

A very yummy goose liver

Finally, my main course Tempura.

with a bowl of Japanese rice. I loved their rice and it tasted different from any other Japanese restaurant.

Dad ordered Teriyaki Chicken.

Sis’s ( totally cant remember what was it)

Mum’s all time favorite California roll.

We also ordered Salmon Sashimi.

Last but not least green tea ice cream with red bean custard.

I had so much delicious food in one day and it isn’t good for my diet. I have decided to go on diet just to look perfect for Phuket in Aug.

So from today onwards there will be no more food posts till I get to my desired weight.

I guess that’s pretty much about it, loves!


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  • Reply Joanna Ladrido

    this post made me sooooo hungry! love that u had a great day!

    July 21, 2010 at 10:43 am
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Joanna- Thanks for dropping by and I enjoyed reading your blog too especially the first post. Love the military inspired post, awesome!

    July 21, 2010 at 11:02 pm
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