“Balik Kampung” Day 4

I always start my Taiwan posts with a picture of me and my sister cause there is no other people who were willing to camwhore with me. Day 4 was much more relaxing as we got to go shopping and buy whatever thing we wanted to buy.

My eldest aunt came over to pick us up and off we went to have lunch. Mum decided on Dumplings so we went fot it.

As usual, Jie and I

We went to this super favorite of mine, Lao You

Different types of side dishes for you to choose from…

My favorite dish is the pig’s ear with some green onion.

Sliced pork with chili

Main dish: DUMPLINGS!!!

The ingredient was a little bit of pork, green onion and prawn.

After lunch we went to have dessert at my aunt’s bakery shop.

Uncle changes his car in every 4 yrs so this time I got to try out his new car, a lexus LS 600H, I called it the car with thousand of buttons! Look at how many buttons it has only for the back seats. It has massager, heater, controller for the audio and etc

jie and I enjoying the ride.

We went to a few different malls to look for Konapun ( japanese cooking toy). Their malls allowed pets in carriers, why cant msia do tat too??

We went to 2 different malls and still couldn’t find the toy we wanted and just when I was about to give up…

We found it in “Yuan Dong” a mall near my place.

We were so happy that we finally found it! All our effort and hard work, paid off!

You must be curious what kind of toy this is. It’s not any other cooking toy you find in the market. It’s special and unique.

Yes, we spent our whole afternoon playing with it.

I will blog about it in my next post so stay tuned for more k!


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