What Happens In Your Mouth…

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Today, I’m sharing one of the reasons why I log on to Facebook everyday, it’s because I like to check out all the creative and fun Facebook Apps like this one by Choclairs!!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Choclairs, it’s caramel coated candy and with chocolate filling in the center, gives me unique, joyful and surprising sensory experience when eating. Curious huh? I even found more surprises when I’m exploring this new game called…


The name of the game fits perfectly with Choclairs because of the unique texture created by the caramel and chocolate filling, you would be surprised with every bite! Something unique that’s personal for YOU to enjoy!

Let me show you how this app works!


Are you curious what happens in your mouth when you eat Choclairs??? Hahaha

3There are total of 8 themes for you to play with, and to start, you have to upload your picture to a theme. You will have to unlock them one by one after you pass a certain game, and so far, they have already released their first 4 themes, while the remaining will be released in 3 weeks

4First you will have to upload a picture of your face to the app!

5I’m not that adventurous so I chose a selfie instead lol. Then, customize your lips!!!

6Drag Choclairs into your mouth to see what happens next! I wont show you what happened in my mouth because I want you to experience it for yourself! You will have to do it yourself in order to see what kinds of happiness occurs in YOUR mouth! After this, the app will lead you to a mini game page! They have a few mini games for you to try in case you fail the first one like I did T__T Once you win the mini game, you will unlock the 2nd theme!

7You can also share your happiness with your friends!! You can either TEXT it or SAY it!! I choose to TEXT it instead hehehe.

8You get to preview your message before sending it out!!!

Don’t just sit there and do nothing, it’s time for you to find out What Happens In Your Mouth When You Eat Choclairs!!

To play the game, go to



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