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Surprise Dinner

I love it when I’m all occupied with my friends and loved ones during weekends.

Bb Mich and I planned to dye and trim our hair before my birthday bash in Zouk, so we decided to go over to Shawn Cutler in Bangsar. After we decided on the time and venue, bff decided to join us too! I was so happy that they finally get to meet up after so many times of saying ” I want to meet your bff/bb.”

So, I woke up at around 11am drove down to Kelana Jaya from KL to pick up bb Mich from work. Well, we were supposed to leave from Kelana Jaya straight to Puchong but we ended up in Summit god knows WHY! Dont stare at me with your wtf eyes, I admit Im very very bad with directions. We got lost a little, not too long, just for a little while. Then we found our way to Puchong by using the highway *clap clap*, we were so happy when we finally found our way to Puchong.

Ok, so we reached Puchong a little later than we expected, picked up Jo and we had the “zhap fan” that bb mich has been telling me since I was in the States. When we stepped out from our car, Jo was like “Waw, you 2 wear so pretty to eat zhap fan a. Later those uncles having a hard time to swallow their food ler.”

We ignored…

Our appointment with Shawn was 3pm and we had to meet up with bff before going in. So, I dropped Jo back and drove down to Bangsar from Puchong.  No worries ppl, we got there on time without google map or calling for help. *proud*

Met up with bff outside Shawn Cutler and started our little make over session.Well, I had a hard time deciding should I change my hair color or not. After much thought and suggestions, I decided to give it a try. HOW BAD CAN IT BE???


Before, Long black hair.


Under the sunlight.

It turned out to be very very nice, love the color, love it! Im thinking to try a lighter color after a a while.

While we were getting our hair done, bb mich asked what should we eat for dinner. I had no idea and bb suggested we should have dinner at club 21 and since I have never tried their food before, I decided to give it a try. We finished our hair at around 6- 6.30pm and it was raining heavily.

I suggested that we should head over to the restaurant since it was raining heavily and we couldn’t check out all the fashion boutiques, booo.

Drove over to BSC and met up with Bff in the lobby and then went up to 21 for dinner.

Something fishy was going on, I was so curious why the waitress was so sneaky. She seems to not understand what bb mich was trying to tell her. She told her table for 3 but the waitress stoned there and stared. I walked up to them and asked “whats going on? why she stoned?” then bb says “dont know.”

Finally the waitress brought us to our table and I realized we were walking towards the table with pink and black balloons. When I was about to say “Ehh, I dont think we are here for the party le.”

Bff shouted ” Surprise!!!”

I saw Jo, pink and black cup cakes, a tiara, balloons and champagne, all waving at me!! Honestly, I was really really surprised. I never ever thought this will actually happen to me. A surprise dinner with my girls and loved one. Aiks, I forgot to take a picture of the table setting, damn it! Jo was the one who decorated the table, running around in Telawi with balloons and cake. If you saw a guy running around in Bangsar with pink and black balloons on the 25th of Sept, yupe thats him, no doubt!

My cup cakes from Jo. These lil cuties are from Little Collins Bakery & florist.

Black and pink balloons, they matched my cake!

baby boy says Happy Birthday to me too. Awww so cute!

Pink champagne to complete the whole Pink and black theme.

He is the one who turns everything into fairy tales, all my dreams and wishes.

Bff and I! Thanks for the present, you know me so well!

Bb mich and I. Thanks for the present, I love it!

Below are all the pictures that were taken during dinner…

Ashley and I. Thanks for coming babe!

High-waisted pants and Jumbos, our matching outfits of the day.

First of all, I want to thank Jo for organizing this wonderful surprise dinner for me. The balloons, the cake, the kiss, the love and the effort was amazingly sweet, everything was so prefect. Then, I want to thank you My bff, bb and Ashley for the presents, spending the day with me, and of course being such a good actresses. It won’t be the same without you guys. I had fun during dinner, big hugs and lots of kisses for you all!

Every moment I spend with you, you make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


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  • Reply gin

    this surprise was awesome!!!!!!!

    October 6, 2010 at 1:02 am
  • Reply Eija

    lucky you! anyway HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY and May happiness is all yours ..

    October 6, 2010 at 6:02 am
  • Reply Zoe

    BFF! You’re welcome! Yes, your man is damn sweet! I’m sure all of us are really happy that everything turned out to be great and especially you’re so happy about it. 🙂 Love you & I really hope all your dreams will come true!

    October 6, 2010 at 10:24 am
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Gin- It was really awesome!! I had fun!
    Zoe- Bff, Thanks for helping him out with the surprise hehe it wont happen without u guys! LOVE!!!!!

    October 6, 2010 at 10:24 pm
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    February 13, 2011 at 7:20 pm
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