Our little getaway ♥ Day 2

I always love the feeling of waking up early during vacations because you know if you wake up earlier, you can see more and you have plenty of time to be wasted.

So, we woke up real early on day 2, I got up at 6am to pack and get ready. Our Day 2 schedule was to join the local tour to 3 different islands including Phi Phi Island.

Our stays included breakfast in the Sea Breeze cafe.

I love having buffet for breakfast, a large variety of choices and bottomless juices. Especially in Malaysia they serve nasi lemak, cury mee and etc…. *thumbs up*

In Thailand, they served PORK~ omg I love pork, super delicious!

While having buffet I always take a little bit of everything so I can narrow down which should I eat more in the 2nd round and maybe third. I always end up having lot of eggs and noodles.

Right after breakfast, we went straight to our hotel lobby to wait for a pick up to the port. Their time management is really really good, they never showed up late or early. They showed up at 8am sharp as written on the itinerary. We travelled for 45 minutes to the port and we were separated into a few different groups.

Jo and I were in the purple group, we were given a purple sticker because we will be traveling with a speedboat instead of a normal big boat which will take around 2 hours to get to Phi Phi Island. After getting the sticker we got sent to an empty hall to wait for a few other tourists. Once everyone was gathered, we were given some short instructions on safety while snorkeling. Those were normal instructions such as making sure that we keep track of the time, wearing a safety jacket and taking motion sickness pills that they provided.

After around 30 minutes of waiting, we were finally asked to leave the room and headed to the port to get on board. I took the opportunity to apply some sun block and take pictures.

I took a picture of our tour guide ( the one who is wearing baby blue ), a very nice and caring tour guide.

The journey from the main port to our first destination took around 1 hour. I got so bored in the boat because we were forced to sit separately, I fell asleep for a while then I got up and camwhored then fell back asleep again.

We passed by this mini little island and I was so excited cox I thought we’re close to our destination but nope we were 40 minutes away.

I got so bored so I went over to JO’s seat and took a few pictures of us. ( ignore my heavy eye bags and dark circles )

Finally after an hour of traveling , we were finally here at Maya Bay. The Beach which starred Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here.

Personally, I think tourists sometime should learn to be polite or at least learn to line up. While I was about to step up to the board to take a picture, there was a couple from China who ran towards the board without realizing I’m actually standing there waiting for Jo to click the shutter. They kinda stood there and took 100 hours to take 3 shots, r u fucking kidding me! I don’t really like tourists from China or Hong Kong they are all rude, they always give me the feeling of them coming out from a kampung and have never seen anything I mean ANYTHING before. Im so sorry maybe Im being stereotypical but trust me I have never met any of them who are polite or nice.

Once I stepped out from our boat I was like 0.0 the beach was crowded with super lot of tourists. It was so scary to see so many people gathered in a small area, I couldn’t find a quiet spot to sit down and enjoy the view.

We were given around 30 minutes to walk around the beach and take pictures.

So, we managed to find a spot to sit down and take some pictures without having tourists as my background.

Then the tour guide brought us to another island where they harvested bird nests. Sorry for the very rough details, this is a punishment for me because I always day dream when tour guides tell us about the history of the places I’m visiting. Im not a very good tourist, I dont really listen to them but at least I know how to line up, hohoho.

Thanks to the nice young couple who offered their seats for me to take pictures of the fishes and the view.

Our next destination was Monkey Island. They called it Monkey Island because the island is full of monkeys, literary.

The monkeys were really smart if you give them peanuts and a banana to choose between, they will choose peanuts. Apple and banana? Apple for sure. This is the first time I heard that Monkeys don’t eat bananas.

We were given peanuts to feed the monkeys. I found out some of the tourists gave them Pepsi and the monkey drank it like a human, from a cup, super smart.

While everyone was busy feeding the monkeys….

I took my time to feel the softness of the sand, it felt like I was standing on 1000 of cotton balls.

I found a swing and took a picture with it. I wonder if they built this purposely for the monkeys, a little playground for them during the night because they are all busy during day time as a tourist attraction.

Off we went to lunch, my favorite time of the day, food!

Lunch was complimentary in our tour and we had buffet. Tom Yam, fried chicken, spaghetti and vege. Their tom yam and fried chicken was really really delicious. I love cheap and simple food, they always satisfy me.

We took a little walk around Phi Phi Island, they were selling the similar stuff back in Phuket but cheaper.

Sea shelf decoration

Self made bracelets.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Took a picture with Jo before leaing Phi Phi Island to our final destination.

so beautiful.

For our final destination, the tour guide brought us to this little island for us to swim, snorkel and relax.

You will have to pay before sitting on these beach chairs. We had no choice but to pay it because …

… the weather was burning hot.

I took a tiny little nap and then went off to take pictures by the sea and also swim.

The water was really clear and the weather was prefect for pictures. Jo and I decided to go for a swim after our little picture session, so we went to our boat and grab goggles for snorkeling. We went into the water and swam a while till we saw a freaking snake in the water! I shouted and pushed Jo far away from me cause the snake was just right beside Jo, it was so scary. After the snake incident, I told Jo I would prefer to stay on the beach and get tanned.

Love the color of the umbrellas.

It was time to leave and head back to Phuket. We left the little Island at around 3pm and reached the mainland at 4pm. After a whole day of snorkeling, traveling in a speed boat and tanning, I felt so tired and hungry.

I haven’t had time to swim in their hotel pool yet so we decided to just head back to our room, get changed and head out to the pool for a little while before dinner. We spent no more than 1 hour soaking in the pool and I was starving, so we decided to just wash up and head out to have dinner.

We walked around Patong Beach to look for a decent restaurant for our last night in Phuket.

We were craving for Thai cuisine, so we decided on Papaya.


Chili fish

My favorite duck curry.

I’ve gained a lot of weight during the 3 days in Phuket.

OMG I look so round in this picture =(

Took a picture with the waitress, love their traditional outfits too!

Another prefect shot without editing.

We took a little walk around Patong beach and we found this pancake thingy.

So we ordered the banana and nutella pancake, super delicious!

At the end of the night, we were supposed to go out for a drink at Bangla street but we ended up falling asleep and waking up next morning.


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  • Reply kahying

    Aww you look like a doll! and also a kid especially in the photo of you in the swimming pool haha. I just went phuket last december and have traveled to the same places/island with you, and your post makes me want to back to phuket so much! >:( and I tried the banana pancake tooooooo. it is really really, delicious! 😀

    September 2, 2010 at 5:29 am
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Hey Kahying, How have u been ?? Never heard from you since I got back from the US =D I love Phuket, It was so fun and their food is super delicious, love it! Im planning to go BKK end of this year! I cant believe we had the same pancake out of some many choices. Well, Hope to see ya soon! Have a great day !

    September 2, 2010 at 9:17 pm
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