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Laneige K-Beauty

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Whenever I’m looking for skincare or make up products, I always make sure that the water content is high so it will keep my face moisturized throughout the day. Most of you should know that the more moisturized your skin is, the less chance of your skin getting wrinkles! Aging is not only the main cause of getting wrinkles but also dry skin. I have tried so many skincare products but none of them works to keep my face moisturized except Laneige. I’m in love with Laneige eye cream (Perfect renew dual touch) and Water Bank Essence! While I was shopping for my skincare the other day, the beauty advisor recommended the Water Bank Essence to me because I told her my skin feels dry after I wash my face and most of the moisturizers can’t really last for long. She told me that I should really try using Water Bank Essence before I apply my usual moisturizers. It will instantly moisten my skin with its optimized texture that minimizes oiliness, and, maximizes moisture while forming a natural barrier on the surface to protect my face from moisture loss. Wow! One more exciting point is that the Water Bank Essence provides 24-hour long lasting moisture, so my skin is kept perfectly hydrated throughout the whole day and protected from external drying factors!!!


The Laneige beauty advisor gave me a few samples to try and now that I have, I love how light the texture of the essence feels. Usually I find essences are quite rich or thick because it’s like a concentrate but the Water Bank Essence is pretty light and watery, I can’t feel any thickness after applying it and it absorbs quite fast!

By now, everyone should know that I’m madly in love with Korean style makeup. One thing that attracts me is their effortless but flawless look, which kind of looks like they didn’t apply much foundation.

1I have been Google-ing a lot on “how to achieve Korean actress flawless skin makeup” and guess what, most of the results came out saying that most of them uses BB cream. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have heard of BB cream right? So I shall just skip explaining what’s BB cream ==” but have you heard of Laneige BB Cushion?


Laneige BB Cushion is a unqiue BB cream which helps freshen the skin and also provide protection for the skin under the hot blazing sun. For the hot and humid weather like Malaysia, it’s really important to make sure that our foundation will last throughout the day without constant touch ups. Strong sunscreen protection is a must. I personally hate to carry my foundation/ loose powder with me because it’s a hassle to have to carry so many things in my small bag so I usually ignore the fact that I need to touch up my makeup or suncreen even though I sweat a lot hahaha. The good thing about Laneige BB Cushion is that it’s sweat-proof and you can also use it as a sunblock with its SPF50+PA+++.

Besides being sweat proof, it also has brightening and whitening functions and even a soothing effect that makes it stand out amongst other BB creams. Laneige BB Cushion will give a instant cooling sensation upon application, and a lower skin temperature perks up tired skin and prevent skin aging. It also retains 30% more moisture so your skin is refreshed and soothed. Laneige BB Cushion will also correct skin tone with medium coverage so you have a clean , natural, flawless look

2The Laneige BB Cushion comes with a special liquid BB-filled sponge that dispenses a thin layer of liquid BB onto the puff. All you need to do then is to just apply it on your face!

I think most of you have no idea how to clean our cosmetic puffs (guilty myself I usually just throw mine away after using it after awhile but it’s such a waste) I guess Laneige realized this problem so their puff is designed for easy cleaning/washing. The steps are pretty simple since the puff wont absorb a lot of the BB liquid and you wont have a hard time washing it. Here are the steps:-

STEP 1: Hold the puff and press it with your thumbs.

STEP 2: Push the remaining BB stains/liquid towards the edges of the puff.

STEP 3: Rinse it and press the puff against your palm to remove any remaining impurities.

However, do not rub or crumple the puff as the dual structure may crack or rip.

After reading all the awesome things that Laneige skincare and Laneige BB cushion can do, I’m sure it gives you an urge to try them right?! No worries, if you’re interested to try Laneige, I have awesome news for you!Join Laneige K-Beauty bloggers contest for a free makeover by Laneige!

What you need to do is pretty simple, you just have to blog about your favorite Laneige skincare & makeup products to stand a chance to win an ambassador contract with Laniege! Like I have told you, it’s really simple!!

There are a few stages for this contest, the initial stage and voting stage.

For the initial stage, Laneige will shortlist and invite 10 winners from each country to a makeover session (there will be experts conducting the makeovers and photographs/ video will be taken during the makeup session) with Laniege. To join this contest please make sure that you’re available on the 8th of June but the timing and venue is still unknown!

As for the voting stage, after the makeover session the 10 winners will be asked to recreate their very own K-beauty looks in a blog post. This blog post will be featured on the Laneige site where people can vote for their favorite look! The microsite will host 10 contestants from each country (total of 4 countries). At the end of the competition, FOUR (out of all 40) bloggers will win the ambassador contract with Laneige. It will be base on local country winners.. Each country will pick their own LANEIGE Ambassador for their own country.


My version of K-pop inspired look hahaha, so what about yours? Don’t hesitate, and do start drafting your blogpost on “What is my favorite Laneige skincare or product!” Have fun and good luck! For more info on the contest please check out Nuffnang .


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