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How To Achieve A Perfect Tan!


I know not a lot of ladies out there will agree with me that girls who have tanned skin look extra sexy and healthy. I’m not saying having fair and snow white skin doesn’t look healthy or sexy so dont get me wrong because everyone has their own preferences =).

Anyway recently after my trip to Bali, I received a lot of questions from my friends and followers on how to achieve a perfect tan. So I thought why not share with everyone about my tips to get a perfect tan!

I’m super addicted into tanning recently because I prefer tanned skin. I dont like it when my skin is fair and colorless like A4 paper, it makes me look sick and weak =(

A while ago I did a DNA test and the results show that my body lacks something that produces carotene which makes it harder for me to get tanned and even if I did my tan will fade away faster. It’s not a good sign for people like me who loves getting tanned hahah. When I shared it with my frens they were so jealous of me ==”

Anyway back to the original topic, how to achieve a prefect tan! Honestly I dont consider my tan as a perfect tan because my goal for a perfect tan is like this…


This is what I call a perfect tan but of cox with the help of spray tan too.

So here are a few tips to achieve perfect tan!


The easiest and the most straight forward way to get a perfect and balanced tan is to get the right tanning oil. A lot of people misunderstand the concept of tanning oil, they tot once you apply tanning oil u will turn into charcoal. How I wish it’s that easy!!! I will seriously apply them everyday!

Tanning oil helps in attracting and focusing the ultraviolet rays of the sun onto the skin. Although we get enough UV exposure under the sun to create a tan but tanning oil helps to intensify the process so it’s faster if you apply tanning oil.


I’m currently using this deep tanning oil, it contains SPF4 which is good enough to protect my skin from UV but at the same time my skin still gets the UV that it needs to get tanned! So after applying a layer of tanning oil you are good to go! Please remember DO NOT apply another layer of sun protection lotion after tanning oil.

There is no specific reason why I choose this brand, mainly because this is the only brand that is available in the Malaysian market. =(


FullSizeRender (1)

Timing is equally important because no one wants an uneven tanning side to side. For timing, I’m just sharing what I have been doing hahha because it works on me. All you need is a timer or clock or phone or watever that u can tell the time.

I usually set my timer to 5 min. This means I will be lying flat on a towel or watever without covering or shade for 5 min to make sure it’s balanced. I do the front for 5 min then back for another 5min. I prefer to cover my face with a small towel whenever I’m lying down facing the sun.

After 10 min (front and back), I usually go for a dip in the pool or sea to cool down my body and drink plenty of water! After that just repeat another 2 or 3 rounds.

The timing is totally up to u, you can do 3 , 3 or 10, 10 it’s totally up to you but make sure both sides are the same.

Oh yea, bring along a headset or speaker to entertain yourself!

Protect your face!


For me I prefer sunscreen spray because it’s easy to apply and it wont ruin my make up! Im currently using Skin Aqua UV spray matte, i really like it because it’s not oily and makes my skin looks matte! I spray it on my face every 1-2 hours depending if I sweat a lot or not when I’m tanning haha.


Just a simple guide for you to choose the right SPF =)



Some people only do tanning whenever they are on holiday but for me I do it whenever the SUN is out hahaha. I usually do it on weekends at the pool area of my condo. If the weather is good and sunny, I will change into my smallest and tiniest bikini, then off I go! I usually do it between 9am – 12pm or 1pm -3 pm, it depends on the weather.

But if it’s a beach holiday, I usually just spend the whole day under the sun =)



The smaller the coverage the better or the sexier hahaha!! I have friends who told me I’m the only girl who they’ve met who wears the tiniest bikinis ever, and I have to admit I only wear tiny and simple ones because I love my tan lines to be balanced and sexy.

Here are some examples for BAD tan lines


This is the reason why I don’t wear bikinis or swimwear with a lot of design elements or straps, you get it? Those swimwear are meant to be worn for pictures, not for tanning sessions. Please keep this in your mind, if you own those please do yourself a favor DO NOT wear it to the beach for your next tanning session if not u might hate yourself forever.

Besides that, please don’t go for a tan wearing a one pc swim wear ok? One pc are meant for pictures too =)

So far I only manage to get those small and simple bikini from oversea like US or AUS. The one I wear the most is from Frankie Swimwear.

Keep Hydrated


Make sure to drink plenty of water when you’re tanning to keep ur body hydrated =)



After every tanning session, I will apply a layer of Aloe vera gel to cool down and replenish my dry skin. Jo uses this more often because he gets burned easily and I have no idea why ==?

Spray Tan


I discovered this method recently because I had a hard time looking for a good tanning salon in KL FML. Thank god I finally found one which is a home based spray tan salon called The London Orchid. The owner of the salon is from the UK and she has the perfect tanned skin omg! I gave it a try a few weeks before heading to Bali because I didnt have enough time to tan at my condo and I dont want to look like a steamed chicken when I’m in Bali so spray tan it is.  The pic above is the result of my first spray tan, it cost me around RM200.


The benefit of spray tan is that it gives me an instant glow on my skin and you only get tan lines at your butt because of the G-string that she provides. The disadvantage is that it fades away way too fast =( Im not sure if it’s my skin or what but it faded before a week =(

So, if u’re not too sure whether u will look good with tanned skin or not, this is the safest and fastest way to find out!



I’m super satisfied with my skin color now because it’s almost 2 shades darker! The result is way better than my previous trip to Bali because I was way more methodical lol. Previously I just simply do ==”


Because of my tanned skin I’m love wearing white outfits now!! White makes my skin really glow and shout, I’m healthy hahhahaha.


Well I guess thats pretty much about how to achieve prefect tan from my experience! If you have any question regarding to this! Please feel free to comment below or you can follow my Instagram and message me there (@bobostephanie)

May everyone have the perfect tan! I’m so ready to get tanned again in my next Bali trip =)



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    Try gradual tan for after tanning as well. Extends your tan longer.can just apply as body lotion daily.

    June 3, 2017 at 7:40 pm
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    totally out of topic, but what kind of exercises you do nowadays?

    June 5, 2017 at 12:59 pm
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