How I spent Christmas

This entry has been sitting in my draft since last year. I know this is a long overdue post but since I have already written it, why not I just post it up and don’t waste my effort.

Last year I had a rather quiet Christmas, the first thing I did when I woke up on the Christmas eve I headed to

McD to have my brunch… That morning I was craving for Filet-o-Fish and fries.

I just cant resist when it comes to McD.

Then we went to stock up our fridge and also get some ingredients for dinner.

On Christmas eve night, Cheryl called and invited us to their house party. We had  lots fun at the party even thought it looked more like a small gathering than a party but I liked it.

Thanks to Cheryl and Amin for this wonderful gift, I have been wanting to get new lip gloss and you guys read my mind! Besides that, thanks Eeling and Ling Kit for the Hello Kitty necklace.

So, the day before Christmas Jo suggested that we should stay home for dinner and he will be the chef for the day. Well, it sounds pretty good for me because I don’t have to cook! Ok, don’t get me wrong I love cooking, especially for my loved one. Since he volunteer to cook for a day, why not?!

We had Pork Chop with caramel apples, mashed potatoes and italian vegetable soup. It might not look very pretty but trust me I LOVE the pork chop and mashed potatoes they are super delicious.

For dessert we had cookies & vanilla ice cream.

I had a wonderful night, I always love spending time with Jo because he always makes me feel special and appreciated. After dinner, we went to watch movie with couple of friends and there goes my Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and memorable Christmas too.


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