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Happy Monkey Year!

Waw, time flies when you’re having a good time doesn’t it! So fast, that 15 days of CNY flew by in the blink of an eye. I hope everyone had a great break and to those who celebrate CNY, Gong Xi Fai Cai!


This year is pretty different and more relaxing to me and Jo because we have our own place and we dont have to rush to 2 dinners on CNY eve. Imagine the terror of rushing to the first dinner at 6pm then right after that we have to rush to the 2nd dinner at 9pm T___T. I dont really like the idea la because we dont get to spend enough time alone and with the relatives.

As usual, we celebrated CNY eve and first day in KL with Jo’s family then 2nd to 4th with my family back in my hometown, Kuala Pilah. I was telling JO I feel glad that we dont have to get stuck in any CNY jam!


Like I have mentioned, Jo’s kampung is in KL so we get to spend some time at the gym before reunion dinner hahaha. I know la, we sound like losers becasue CNY still go to the gym lol. I was on Kayla week 19 I cannot stop half way ma so might as well complete week 19th instead.


Then last min bao ang bao session! Every year I cant decide which ang bao to use hahahah.


After gym, we headed home to shower and dress up for reunion dinner at Jo’s cousin place. There’s only 3 of us (Jo, mil and I) so we thought it’s better to join the relatives for reunion dinner. The more the merrier and we only do it once it a year wtf.


It has been a year since we last met Jo’s niece (she used to stayed with us back in Puchong). She has grown much taller and more talkative! I had a fun time playing hide and seek and taking selfie with her hahha.

IMG_3451In 1 yr, Jo’s cousin gave birth to another cheeky baby girl! Super blessed to give birth two pretty girls man!!

Totally forgot to take picture of the yummy food we had during dinner lol…


On the first day, we woke up around 8am to have simple breakfast at home then get ready to for house visiting! It feels so great to have our own place now because we get to have our little space before spending whole day with the relatives T_T

IMG_3334First day of CNY, as usual we went to Jo’s cousin place to have lunch and meet up with all the relatives from his mum side!

IMG_3330Matchy pastel colored outfit for the first day of CNY.


I told Jo she will be our fake daughter for CNY until she is big enough to say no to taking picture with us hahahaha. So far, whenever i say come take a selfie she will just run to me and pose =)

CNY for a married couple who have no kids is quite torturing because ppl just wont stop asking “When r u planning to have one?” I feel bad to reply “Not planning to have one” because it’s CNY but I feel so annoyed with all these stupid questions. Even my mil would join the force and keep hinting =( Aiya, if you guys love kids so much just give birth one for urself la dont kacau my life =.=

As usual, didnt bother to take pic of the food again because we had KFC wtf. Spent the whole day at the cousin’s place playing hide and seek and LEGO with our rental daughter.


Mil has plans for dinner so Jo and I just went to have mamak and went back home to watch Mi Yue lol. Not sure about you but I really like spending CNY like this, very quiet and stress free!

IMG_34522nd day of CNY is when my CNY starts proper!!! Balik kampung to visit my family and gamble! Our family tradition is that everyone must wear red or bright color!


First thing we did when we reached my place was to serve tea to my parents and get ang baos!


Our family portrait! So happy that we have one more new family member to celebrate CNY with! Welcome to the Siow family, Dr Lim =)


My kampung style OOTD!

IMG_3353 IMG_3354

Lunch my mum cooked Taiwanese dumpling (served without soup, my fav) and Gin bought Lou Sheng!

IMG_3352Then we had our Catan session! Our whole family is super addicted into this game hahaha.

IMG_3349Of cox we gamble with relatives too! This Gin very kia su la use mandarin oranges as paper weight ==’


Steamboat for dinner!!!

IMG_3347 IMG_3327

Then at night we had a little fireworks competition with the neighbors lol, ok la the house behind us win ==’


The wind was too strong that night so ended up our lantern burnt before rising hahahahahhaha.


3rd day of CNY, we had lunch at home again hahaha. We dont really go out for meals back in my kampung because nothing is open and we are too lazy to drive around.


Then we visited all the temples in my hometown!


Another tradition of ours is to donate red lanterns to the temple every CNY. So each of us donated 1 pair with our names on it.

IMG_3343Just like 2nd day of CNY, we gamble, play Catan and non stop eating!


Dad told us to resume work on the 5th day of CNY so Jo and I went back to the office on the 5th and did some prayer and pretend to work haha


What I did was to turn on my computer then I skyped my colleagues 888888888888888888888888888888888 mean FATT hahaha. Then turn on Cai Sheng Dao song super loud !! haha


On the 6th day of CNY, we finally get our own time to hang out a bit before going back to work.


When I say date I meant eating clean and heading to the gym lol.

I hope everyone had a great CNY too! Last but not least, I wish everyone has a prosperous year ahead, eat healthily and work hard!

I know the biggest enemy everyone meets after CNY is the extra pounds that you have gained from feasting lol.

Don’t worry, check out my previous post to find out how to loose the extra pounds from CNY break!


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