My Happy Living Space

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Today, I’m going to talk about some things that are towards my private life but I feel like sharing with everyone because I believe everyone will eventually experience. Some day, like me, you will have to buy your own property and start renovating, and in cases like mine, I have to rent a house temporarily while waiting for my new place to be completed.

I have been living in a rented house for almost 5 months now, and so far so good. The only problem that I faced after moving into our rented house was that I want to make sure that this temporary space will feel like HOME. The living room and kitchen weren’t really my concern because I don’t really use them often. To me, the most important parts of the house are my bedroom and bathroom.

My question was, “How do I make it feel like home when it’s just temporary?” I need something that can easily be moved around (I can still use them in my new house) and at a reasonable price. I instantly thought of IKEA because I find many things that will fulfill my current needs and also my future house. I can easily move it from my current house to my future one and it can easily suit the décor of my new house!

IKEA has always been my favorite furniture store ever since I started buying my own furniture. It’s simple, creative, and affordable with a wide range of bed and bathroom furnishing solutions. It’s like a one stop furnishing store that you can just walk in and walk out with your dream bedroom or bathroom. The most awesome part is that you don’t need anyone to assemble anything for you because everything in IKEA comes with an instruction booklets, as easy as 1, 2 ,3.

Anyway, let me show you my current bedroom and bathroom, and how IKEA helps to give my temporary space a comfortable and cozy feel.

Welcome to my room =)

JWL_9572 My room isn’t big so I need just the simplest decor so it won’t look too crowded. If you have seen my previous room, you should know that Jo and I are fans of industrial design so IKEA Hektar floor lamp instantly fit into our ideas. We want our room to have the combination of metal and woods.

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1mm Lets You Move the Way You Want

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This post is dedicated to all the girls out there! So, if you’re a guy you can just skip it because this whole post is irrelevant for you guys.

So, girls let me ask you one simple question! Who gets irritated when you need to dress up or workout during period? Me!!*raise hand. I always get frustrated whenever I’m having period but I still need to dress up for dinners, outings or workouts. I hate it when I have to avoid wearing body-fitting dresses or pants during my menstrual days because it’s really uncomfortable and sometimes it shows. I always ask myself why do are all the sanitary pads so thick; it sort of limits my outfit selection to only loose or airy outfits.

1 Thank god, Kao Laurier have heard my prayers because their Ultra Slim range is what we need! “Laurier Super Slimguard- s” see, even the name makes you feel active and free.

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#ESCAPERS15 – Singapore

So, recently I went to Singapore with Citygal (Sorry, kampungboy had to stay in Malaysia and continue working while we partied in Singapore lol). The main purpose of our trip to Singapore was for #Escapers15, which started in Singapore and ending in Queensland, Aus. I have never been to Australia so I’m very amazed by how beautiful the country is. I will keep my experience in Aus for the next post.

First of all, I have to say a big thank you to Queensland Tourism, Accor Hotel and Scoot Airlines for the awesome and memorable trip!

Now, lets begin with #Escapers15 in Singapore! Basically #Escapers15 is like the show Amazing Race and Survivors but minus out all the scary and crazy challenges because what we did was just have fun and more fun! There were 17 social influencers or media from 9 different countries ( Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, China, Australia and India). 2 representatives from each country besides Japan because another one ffk last min ==”

Well, challenges in Singapore were slightly different from Australia because in Singapore we focused more on food and sightseeing! I had fun completing challenges in SG because we were required to go to the places that I have never been before!

IMG_6038Off we went for #ESCAPERS15, didnt know what to expect but we told each other we should just have fun, enjoy and it doesnt matter if we win or not. You can clearly see why Citygal is a travel blogger, because she clearly knows the definition of packing light compared to me ==” First thing that ppl say to me when they see my bag wa,s “Are you planning to extend in Australia for a month?” I had to pack extra outfits just in case there is an emergency right? T___T

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Two is Better than One!

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Whenever I have dinner or lunch dates with friends I always tell them, “Err can stick to those restaurants that are not so expensive one ah?” You can say that I’m a cheapo la but I dont see the point of spending so much on a meal especially fine dinning. I always end up having to go get fries or roti canai after that.

I don’t mind eating at a restaurant that offers good food at a decent price, probably around RM30 – RM35 per person is perfect for me. The problem is where can you find such a restaurant? Well, I found one that offers affordable pricing in a cozy and comfortable restaurant, that’s TGI Fridays.

The moment I saw their MEAL FOR 2 promotion, I straight away texted Citygal from KampungboyCitygal whether she wants to join me to check out this promotion or not. Citygal is the sweetest because she never says no to my dates before haha. So, off we went to TGI Fridays!

DSC06206 We went to the branch in The Curve!

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9 Seputeh Lions!

I have a little confession to make this festive season, I have a thing for lion dance, or you can say that I’m a little obsessed with it. Whenever I see or hear a lion dance performance, I will hunt it down by following the sound of the drums and make sure that I finish watching the performance, if not I wont leave. The sad thing about watching lion dance performances is that I only get to watch it from far, I don’t get to touch or watch it closely! I want to touch it because Chinese believe touching its head will bring you good luck hahaha, so I’m super competitive over it ok.

Anyway, I was telling Jo the other day no matter what I have to watch a least one lion during Chinese New Year, he was like, “We will hunt down those lion dance trucks lol.” Well, my wish came true, I had a chance to take selfies and watch lion dance performances, 3 times in a single day and nope, we didn’t have to drive around hunting down those truck. This golden opportunity was given to me by 9Seputeh, a property development by MRCB Land. I was invited by 9Seputeh to join in on the fun celebrating Chinese New Year with the winners of their contest, along with their families.


Besides that, I also got to hang out with the pretty girl, Careen. This was our third meet up and we had so much fun talking to each other. Meeting up with her is one thing, however being together and going places to bring smiles to the lucky winners faces’ was an experience I will never forget any time soon!

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