Halo, Big And Round Eyes!

This is not an advertorial ya!

Halo all, I finally have enough pictures and information to do a review of my favorite  double eyelid stickers with everyone!

I think you trust me 100%, or at least >80%, because I swear I have tried most of the double eyelid stickers in the market or from SASA hahaha. If you were to ask me “What is the one makeup that you cannot live without?” I would say double eyelids stickers…. or maybe concealer or eyebrow mascara.

Let me go straight to the point la! Here are pictures of me without any double eyelid stickers! I used to have double eyelids but after using the wrong double eyelid stickers for a while, my eyelids turned saggy! So, without double eyelid stickers my eyelids are basically impossible to see T____T I should sue the company for producing lousy stickers! hahahha


As you can see my natural double eyelids make my eyes looks small and sleepy haha. And the eyelids are covering the eyelashes so you can barely see it T___T

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The Next Chapter – Sakura Banquet

This is a super long over-due post, and when I say long, I seriously mean it because we have been married for almost 1.5 years already hahaha. To be honest, I sort of forgot about sharing our wedding dinner pictures hahaha. I always tot I have already shared them with everyone hahaha.

When I was cleaning my computer desktop I was like “Ehh lets look at our wedding pictures!” That’s when I realized I forgot to share my wedding dinner pictures hahahha

A few of you have been asking me when I will only be posting my wedding dinner pictures, so here you go!

I sort of forgot all the details that happened on that night so I’m going to just share 100s of pictures instead ok?

I can only share pictures with you guys because we dont have a wedding video FOL. If you didn’t know, our videographer lost our wedding footage a few days after our wedding. So, I only have pictures left T____T

Our wedding was held at Empire Hotel, Subang. The reason why we chose to have our wedding there was because the interior of the ballroom is super pretty! LED lights that you can choose your favorite color! Besides that, our wedding is considerably a small wedding, there were only 25 tables and it fits perfectly into the ballroom! Their food was ok, not like awesome but it’s considered ok compared to a lot of other hotels.

A few pictures of the decorations that were done by Paper & Color. The theme of our wedding banquet was Sakura because we did our pre-wedding shoot in Japan during Sakura season! I personally requested for Sakura trees along the aisle.


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SHARP – Have It Both Ways

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Have you ever seen a fridge with a door that you can open both ways? As in, you can open the door from the left or the right as per your convenience! You must be thinking, “How o, Bobo??!” I know because I asked the same question too when I first heard of the fridge that Sharp invented. I can’t really imagine how it works until I actually tried it myself! I personally love how Sharp designers placed the freezer at the bottom because I don’t have to bend down to reach the produce drawer which is usually at the bottom. I can just take or keep my food in a natural posture. Honestly, after checking out the fridge I rushed home and told my parents. If they want to buy me a gift for my new house, Sharp dual swing door fridge is the one and the only present I want! Sharp Dual Swing Door fridge is only selling at RM1599, which is a pretty good price for a fridge that comes with Plasmacluster technology! It’s now available at most electrical chain stores such as Harvey Norman, Courts or SENQ! I did a little demo video on how it looks like and how it works, so stop asking yourself, and just watch the video! Prepare to be amazed! =)

For more information please visit Sharp Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SharpPlasmaclusterMalaysia

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The Lipstick That Came from Laneige

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“You’re the man I like. Whether you saved me 12 years ago… whether you were that man or not… Didn’t matter to me. I just liked you as Do Min Joon, my next door neighbor. I liked you with all my heart.” 

Is this line familiar to you? Yes, it was one of Cheon Song Yi’s lines when she was confessing to Do Min Joon in Episode 13, “You Who Came From The Star”.

To those who are currently watching the drama, you should be able to recognize it instantly! I’m usually not a very big fan of dramas because it’s kind of time consuming. Imagine chasing each episode every week and they’re always very good in keep you hanging half way. You’re forced to wait another week… grrr super annoying.

BUT, my point of view for dramas changed the moment I started watching “You Who Came From The Star”, which was recommended by Michelle. The moment I started episode 1, I couldn’t stop!!! One thing that attracted me the most is Cheon Song Yi’s look! I’m in love with her outfits and of cox her lip color!! Korean dramas seem to focus a lot of attention to the actresses lip color! I love how Yoo Se-mi always wears gradient lips and Cheon Song Yi also wears very solid and bright color lipstick!!! I personally love bright lip colors because I always fail when I try to achieve gradient lips LOL.

The most memorable lip color that Cheon Song Yi wore was on episode 12! Remember when Do Min Joon dated her out to the museum to reveal his true identity but Cheon Song Yi thought it was a date? She sat at her dressing table, deciding which color lipstick that she should wear? She chose Laniege Serum Intense Lipstick. As a crazy fan of the drama/Cheon Song Yi, I did a little research on Laniege Serum Intense lipstick, the nickname of this lipstick is LED Lipstick! LED lipstick has excellent moisturizing power and vivid colours. It contains 35% serum component, which makes it extremely glossy hence the LED nickname =)

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick is available in 12 different shades, which include Shine Brown, Sparkle Pink, Twinkle Coral, Luminous Red, Flair Magenta, Flash Pink, Pink Lightning, LED Pink, Rose Ray, LED Red, Red Flame and Violet Fever. Seriously cannot decide which shade I should go with…

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LOTD- Dress from Azorias


Dress- Azorias
Hat- H&M 
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