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Halo everyone! Today’s post will be written by me (JO), instead of your regularly scheduled blogger (BO) because she’s been too busy recently and I volunteered to help clear this from a long list of backlogged posts. She’ll be blogging about her recent adventures in Nagoya soon so keep an eye out for that!

It’s not my first time around these parts, so you can check out my previous posts on our Boracay trip from 2 years back as well. Hahaha, yes it’s been a long while and if you were wondering, I’ve been doing well, but I think I’m growing old as I get rather annoyed at the news broadcast on radio these days; it’s full of entertainment news. For goodness sakes, the young ones are not really exposed to news these days, so why make things worse? I could go on and on…

OK lets try to get back on track here. Remember we went on short weekend getaway with KampungBoyCityGirl (KBCG) a while back? We drove up to Penang and stayed a night, and we really had a great time!


The girls we’re surprisingly comfortable in the back so off we went! On the highway, we put BO’s camera on the dashboard set on a self-timer. Pretty advanced groufie skills at play here.

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Put Your Hands Up In The Air

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How many of you here shave your underarms like I always do?

Do you know shaving with razors will actually give your skin small cuts, hence your skin becomes rough and likely to get inflammations and pigmentations.

I know most of you might not really care because as long as when you raise your hands there are no hairy underarms you’re with. Well, you are not alone because I thought the same too! For me, waxing and plucking are too painful and troublesome. I want something that is less time consuming, zero pain and most importantly remove those hairs completely! Besides that, keep having to buy the shaver refills and bringing it with me whenever I’m traveling is super troublesome too! If I forgot to bring it with me it’s like the end of the world to me and Jo because I will have to use his electronic shaver fhl hahhaa. Don’t laugh because we experienced it before, it wasn’t as funny as you tot T___T

 Well, guess what! I’m about to introduce you guys a better solution for your hairy underarms or any part of your body hahaha. It’s called smooth skin control hair removal a.k.a. S.S.C from MUSEE Platinum Tokyo.

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I Know What You Did…To Your Face

Remember back in January, I blogged about how my face became sharper and sharper or prettier if you insist LOL. I went back to DRx three weeks ago to touch up and undergo some little other changes on my face again hehehehe. I understand when people say you will definitely get addicted into botox and filler but don’t worry, I’m only doing it if Dr Jason says “Ok you need to touch up a lil bit.” If not I will just keep it as it is.

By right, botox can last at least 6-7 months but the more you do it, the longer it will last. As for fillers, it will last around one and a half years but it also depends on the individual la. It takes around 1 -2 months to see the final result for botox but for fillers you will see the result instantly!

The result why I went back to DRx was to touch up my filler as I wanted a longer and sharper face! I think I’m too used to my current face shape that I tot my filler needed to be touched up. So, I went back to Dr Jason and asked him to add a little bit more filler for me on my chin but he said I didn’t really need any. He said if I wanted more he can add a little bit on my chin so it will look more 3D (from the side view) and also my cheeks to make it chubbier so will I will look younger and cuter hahhaha. Waw, when he says younger and cuter, I was like ON la no need to think edi. I’m almost 30 yrs old now so the word “younger” is seriously what I need hahaha.

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How I Made My Dream Come true

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I still remember back in 2008 when I was still a student back in the States, I looked like any other student. I had a full length of black hair where I would tie up and wear a hoodie to keep myself warm during winter. Fashion has never crossed my mind so don’t even mention referring to myself as a fashion blogger. I have never thought one day I would have started my own blog to share my personal style with everyone.

1One day, when I was walking to my advertising class, I passed by this flyer for “MODA Model Wanted”. MODA is a fashion show that takes place once a year in our university, hosted by the fashion design students. I brought it back and showed it to JO, he was like why not you give it a try? So off I went and I got it! I modeled for MODA for 2 years straight and it was so much fun! That’s when I started learning more about fashion and styling. During the fashion shows I learned that everyone has their own style, you don’t have to try hard to be someone else.

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Show Me Your Teeth

Not sure if you realized, but recently I’ve been seeing lots of “coffee selfie” in my Instagram feed. I’m not a coffee person, I have no idea how a good coffee should taste like, for me they are all taste the same, bitter. Although I’m not a coffee person, I love the idea of hanging out at a cafe with friends, just chit chat and hang out. What do I drink? I would order tea, no matter it’s black tea, fruit tea or green tea. I’m up for it.

Jo is a coffee addict but he drinks watever coffee that he can get haha and I also realized that’s a common thing that happens to all coffee lovers, they have yellowish teeth T__T. If you’re a coffee drinker, you should be able to relate to this more. Your breath smells of coffee and your teeth will turn yellow. That’s the disadvantage of drinking coffee and I’m glad that it wont happen to me! Also if you do drink coffee regularly, you need to start noticing!

For guys, they dont really bother much la because guys are naturally born to be more carefree lol. As a girl, that’s one of the things that I’m concerned about especially when you love to apply bright colored lipstick.

When it comes to choosing toothpaste I always stick to whitening toothpaste. I hate it when my teeth looks yellow because it will ruin my red/orange lips! When I received an invitation from Tokyo Smile Express I was more than happy because I have finally have a chance to whiten my teeth, and it can be done in 30 minutes!

Tokyo Smile Express provides Tokyo style express teeth whitening solutions. It helps to brighten and white your teeth in just 30 min!


Tokyo Smile Express located in Publika, Solaris Month Kiara!

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