Macau Trip Photo Diary 2

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PART 2! PART 2! Hehe, I’m back! Here’s part 2 of our Macau trip. Well, continuing from the last post, after having a quick lunch at the Venetian, we hopped onto a free shuttle that took us to City of Dreams. City of Dreams is a large complex, interconnecting a few luxury hotels such as Hard Rock with a theatre and shopping center. This is also where the theater for House of Dancing Water and Taboo! We really wanted to catch a show but we couldn’t find a showtime that matched our schedule… =(



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The #WOW Purple Truck

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What did everyone do during Raya holidays? JO and I didn’t do much, we just stayed in most of the time and watched TV. We just came back from Macau where we walked too much and also sweated like hell during the trip, so a long weekend is perfect for us to recharge our energy. Since we had no plans at all, we decided to just do whatever we feel like doing on the spot.

I have been craving to have Hokkien noodles at Lot 10 food court the moment I landed in Macau, so I suggested to head to KL for lunch! The traffic was so smooth and roads were empty haha, don’t you just love public holidays?


I ordered a plate of hokkien noodles then Jo had beef noodles! Their noodles was so good that day, not sure why haha. I love it when it doesn’t taste too smoky… Not too pricy also la, a plate of Hokkien noodles at around RM12? Outside stalls also selling around RM7.50, lol.

Right after lunch, we headed to Chatime for bubble tea then headed back to Sg Wang to walk around before leaving.

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Our First Tai Tai Trip -1 (Bangkok)

So, a few months ago Aud, Huiwen and I went to Bangkok for a 4 day 3 nights trip just to get away from our busy lives. Audrey’s busy with breastfeeding fighter, Huiwent busy with her Rocky and Azorias then me busy with my daily 9-5pm job T__T. Bangkok is perfect for us because, their food is yummy, it’s near and it’s affordable!


DSC02575We stayed in Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel and I have to say this is the best hotel I have ever stayed in in Bangkok! I tend to just choose a cheap hotel during my stays in Bangkok because I spend most of my time out so I dont see the point of staying in an expensive and nice hotel. Since this is a taitai trip and 3 of us will be sharing a room, we decided to go for something little bit more expensive. Well, Renaissance is not really expensive la it was around RM300+/ room, still ok but their service was awesome. They served us cold drinks and towels at the check in counter.

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Macau Trip Photo Diary I

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Alo, I’m back from our trip to Macau together with Jo, Tian Chad and Kyspeaks! Decided to write this post immediately so I wont forget any details and start skipping stuff, hehe. Thanks again to Nuffnang for the chance to travel abroad to a new destination and thanks to Macau Government Tourist Office as well.

We took so many pictures during this trip and it was hard for me to only include a few so I’ll do this in a photo diary style post ya! Picture overload coming your way, please mind your data usage rate, lol!

Overall, I can say I had loads of fun during this trip and it was a good chance for me and Jo to have a short break from work.

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DRx- Instant Facelift

Yahoo, finally have time to blog about the facelift facial that I did in DRx a few weeks back! Most of you should know what is a facelift because even cars get their facelifts every few years lol. If you’re not sure let me explain it to you.

“DRx Dual Lift treatment has been nominated as the “Best Non-Surgical Facelift”, the DRx Dual Lift Brightening/Rejuvenation treatments feature the use of Radiofrequency (RF) together with a specialized superbrightening/anti-pigment cream or pore tightening/anti-aging cream respectively for improved results. The treatments offer many beneficial effects such as improving the texture of the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles, and firming and toning the face, including the eye area, leaving it more radiant-looking.”

Put simply, DRx Dual Lift Treatment offers a visible tightening and lifting effect immediately after one session! To those who have never tried botox and are scared of needles? This treatment is perfect for you!

DSC02981This treatment requires you to change into a robe because they have to place a piece of metal plate underneath your back to prevent any electric shock on your skin from the machine. Nothing scary just a bit cold lol

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