Macau Trip Photo Diary I

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Alo, I’m back from our trip to Macau together with Jo, Tian Chad and Kyspeaks! Decided to write this post immediately so I wont forget any details and start skipping stuff, hehe. Thanks again to Nuffnang for the chance to travel abroad to a new destination and thanks to Macau Government Tourist Office as well.

We took so many pictures during this trip and it was hard for me to only include a few so I’ll do this in a photo diary style post ya! Picture overload coming your way, please mind your data usage rate, lol!

Overall, I can say I had loads of fun during this trip and it was a good chance for me and Jo to have a short break from work.

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DRx- Instant Facelift

Yahoo, finally have time to blog about the facelift facial that I did in DRx a few weeks back! Most of you should know what is a facelift because even cars get their facelifts every few years lol. If you’re not sure let me explain it to you.

“DRx Dual Lift treatment has been nominated as the “Best Non-Surgical Facelift”, the DRx Dual Lift Brightening/Rejuvenation treatments feature the use of Radiofrequency (RF) together with a specialized superbrightening/anti-pigment cream or pore tightening/anti-aging cream respectively for improved results. The treatments offer many beneficial effects such as improving the texture of the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles, and firming and toning the face, including the eye area, leaving it more radiant-looking.”

Put simply, DRx Dual Lift Treatment offers a visible tightening and lifting effect immediately after one session! To those who have never tried botox and are scared of needles? This treatment is perfect for you!

DSC02981This treatment requires you to change into a robe because they have to place a piece of metal plate underneath your back to prevent any electric shock on your skin from the machine. Nothing scary just a bit cold lol

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DO NOT Read This If You’re Hungry

Remember I mentioned that I went back to Taiwan for a few days with my mum in May? I am finally done arranging all the pictures, then I realized the pictures I took in Taiwan are all of FOOD. Yes, just food and my face la of course…

Whenever I meet someone who’s been to Taiwan, the first thing they tell me is “I ate a lot in Taiwan!” or “Taiwan food is super awesome yummy!” I cant agree more on this… Even Kampung Boy City Gal said the same thing but they continued with ” Have u been to Hua Lian? or Taizhong?” I was like “Err no….” It’s quite embarrassing to tell people that my mum is a Taiwanese when I have only been to Kaohsiung (it’s because I always land in Kaohsiung airport ==”), Tainan (most of relatives stay there) and Taipei even though I visit Taiwan twice a year, ever since I was born … Even KBCG explored more places in Taiwan than me hahaha.

I always get stuck at home when I’m back in Taiwan, it’s just like how I get stuck in my hometown when I go back during the holidays LOL. There is nothing much to do there because most of my cousins are working and some are studying in the US. I only get to hang out with my mum, grandma and watch TV haha. The things that I look forward to is breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this only happens in Taiwan.

Since I spent most of my days eating, watching TV and sleeping throughout the trip, I decided to focus my Taiwan post on FOOD and maybe a few selfies as some sort of commercial break? Yes? No?

Food in Tainan is seriously cheap, so if you are planning on a small-budget trip you can consider Taiwan as the spending expenses is quite affordable.

Are you ready?

Day 1- Brunch



My uncle brought us to this restaurant that sells fish balls and minced meat rice. Their rice is steamy hot and the minced meat is super tender!! You have to mix it together with the rice so that the flavour of the minced meat is not too overpowering! I love it when they put fried dough into the soup!

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The Cutest Skincare, Called YADAH!

Let me ask you a quick question, who gets attracted by cute packaging when it comes to skincare? LOL I know the product effectiveness is important too but first impressions really count right!!

I’m that type of person who gets attracted to cute packaging VERY EASILY hahaha! Especially when it comes to Korean products! Korean girls give people the impression of flawless and fair skin so people like me try my best to try each and every products they commonly use!

I have already heard a lot of good things about YADAH but I havent had the chance to give it a try until last weekend!! It is well-known for using natural ingredients in their formulas and products are gentle to skin, even sensitive one.


I got myself a very cute looking deep pore cleansing facial brush and their new 3-step moisture care! Super love their packaging, it’s cute and it’s awesome for poeple who travel a lot. Each bottle has their own caps so that you dont have to worry that it will spill out in your luggage. It happened to me too many times edi …..

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On the Island of Borneo- Day 2 & 3

Day 2 in Miri, we woke up early for breakfast and then we had around 2 hours to ourselves to explore our hotel!

Jo and I thought that we get to at least hang out at the beach a little but god knows there is no beach at the hotel ==” There is only the sea and a lot of rocks lol

DSC02085Just like in this picture, just blue skies, sea and rocks…

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