First Company Trip – Bangkok

Ola, I’m back from my many trips lol… I finally have time to blog and get back to my normal routine!

May was a “travel month” for me, like literally. My first trip in May was to Bangkok aka my third hometown hahaha. I never get bored of Bangkok, there are still a lot of places i want to visit in Bangkok! *checking for cheap flight to bkk again

Anyway, my dad and I decided that we should plan a company trip to Bangkok this year since I’m quite familiar with the place and it’s quite affordable! I was looking up and down for Halal tours to Bangkok and couldn’t find any T__T Most of them travel to Pattaya but we prefer to just stay in Bangkok instead! The main goal of this trip is to visit the main tourist attractions and also shop!

Jo and I found a travel agent while we visited MATTA fair earlier this year. I would say that I would rather not make any bookings in MATTA fair because I personally think some of them are not very honest about the packages they are promoting there. Super angry and disappointed at the service that I received from the travel agent!

At first I was like NVM la travel with tour is like that one but I couldn’t take it so I nearly fought with the tour guide ==”

A few reasons why I was mad at the travel agent:-

1. They keep pushing us to pay deposit at their booth then I told them clearly I have to meet up with them before the trip to plan our itinerary because I told them there are a few places that we want to visit. He says YES and told us there is no problem with planning the itinerary again before the trip! I just need to visit their office! Everything changed right after we booked the trip with them!

2. They refused to let me visit their office and later found out their office is actually in Penang FML!

3. I had to keep pushing them to make my payment T__T Make payment also need to push them seriously….. Dont want business then just tell me la!

4. Changed our itinerary without informing us!!!

5. Told us that they are giving us a free show but ended up we had to pay fucking RM30/person for transport fee! Again, didnt inform us earlier! We paid for the transport fee the day before but then decided not to go since it’s a free show. I tot maybe we could use the transport fee on the last day but they said NO, cannot, they cant refund the fee to us because they already used that money to pay for the show! R U FUCKING KIDDING ME! You told me the show was free then you collected transport fee from us (we have already paid for the tour which means the van is meant to fetch us around ma, why would I need to pay extra to go to wherever you suggested us to go?!) DOES THAT MEAN WE ARE PAYING FOR THE SHOW ALSO LA!!! You super con job!!!!!

6. Keep asking us book their van on our free-and-easy day so that we dont have to take a taxi! They charge us RM30/pax which means we have to pay RM660 for a van.  They told us taxis are really expensive in Bangkok… OOO plssss, it cost me RM8 from Siam Paragon to our hotel and it was FREE from the hotel to Siam Paragon because the hotel provides free shuttle to MBK! Thank god we didnt book their van, if not I might burn down their company wtf

I think these are good enough reminders for me NOT TO book any trips with travel agents! BYE Matta Fair, you will never see me again! Anyway, Jo and I usually don’t travel with tour groups because we are more of the adventurous kind. I still remember our trips to Japan and Philippines, YES, you will get lost sometimes, but thats part of the fun isn’t it!!!

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Buy Her More!!!

Why buy her more? Because I’m about to introduce a beauty collection called HERMO (same pronunciation as hermo get it? LOL omg I’m so lame )

Anyway, I love browsing beauty stores, doesn’t really matter if it’s online or in the malls! I just love going in and walking around just hoping that I can find something good and cheap!! Most of the skincare and cosmetics selling in drug stores or beauty stores in Malaysia are quite pricey! I’m not sure whether is it because the rent is expensive or our import duty is high! It’s hard for me to get something I want at a discounted price because I don’t have time to keep going to the malls and hoping the particular items are on sale so I can grab them all!

I have finally found a beauty store that I can go into everyday to check which items are on sale! This web site is called HERMO, and the most awesome thing about HERMO is that they partner with the brands and distributors directly to carry these brands at Hermo. Hermo also provides assurance that the products are 100% so we don’t have to worry about buying counterfeit products!

Let me show you what I found on their web site!

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 8.24.18 PM

Laneige moisture trial kit for only RM47 instead of RM85.80!

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Welcome back to Malaysia!

Halo, I is BACK from my holidays! Actually I have been back for few days already but have been caught up with work the moment I landed! My dad was like, “Happy hor holiday? No need to work, but when u’re back u will know what you have missed!” I was like, “You dont like this can ma?” (Directly translated from Chinese lol)

Well, he was right! My email was filled with enquiries and orders… The first day of work was like HELL for me! I was about to tender my resignation letter LOL

Anyway, since I have no time to update my blog, as a responsible blogger ahemmmm, I figured I should at least post a little sneak peak of what I will be blogging for the next few weeks!


My company trip to Bangkok was awesome but tiring!! Bega and Gin tagged along so we get to hang out and get drunk some times at night LOL. Picture was taken in Wat Arun, me dressed up as a Thai princess… Bega and Gin dressed up as princes/my bodyguard hahaha.


I also travelled to Miri, Sarawak with Strongbow MY and Kampung Boy City Gal for Borneo Jazz 2014! It was so much fun hanging out with KBCG, all of us clicked instantly! JO and I enjoyed hanging out with them, we even planned to travel to Taiwan with them at end of this year! *fingers crossed

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Malaysia First NEO GAL Party!!

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First of all, I would like to thank those who participated in the Herbal Essences contest that I hosted few weeks ago on Instagram and my blog! So sorry that I couldn’t choose all the participants to attend the Herbal Essences NEO GAL party with me last week, but let me make up for it by sharing what happened at the event OK!

Herbal Essences NEO GAL party was held at The Roof, Bandar Utama and the theme was NEO GAL, obviously lol. I arrived at the party an hour earlier to avoid the jam and also take pictures of set up before everyone arrived, super kiasu, hahaha

You should know that Herbal Essences uses naturally-derived ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil and rapeseed oil as active ingredients that constitute the formula. They have recently launched the Japanese Series which is specially formulated with Natural Ingredients like Rose and Camelia Oil so you can revel in touch ably smooth hair with long lasting fragrance in just 1 use.It comes in two different scents, purple lavender and sweet rose! So, following this same theme, Herbal Essence converted The Roof into a very sweet looking place!

1 The sweet rose booth, it’s also Cheeserland’s station.

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Keep It Hydrated For 12 Hours!

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Most of you should already know that I’m very concerned about my skin’s condition, as I have very dry skin. That’s why, I make sure that I keep my face moisturized everyday! There are a few things that I realized when my skin is really dry, first, when I try to apply concealer around my face, it’s harder for me to evenly spread concealer around my face! Second, when my face is dry, it becomes itchy, and lastly, I see fine lines around my face! These are the things that annoy the hell out of me. Most moisturizers only keeps your skin moisturized for a few hours after application, we need something that can keep our face moisturized for at least 12 hours! Especially now with the haze and the heat!

Finally, Olay launched a brand new moisturizer that can fulfill our humble needs! They are called Olay Aquaction, Intensive Nourishing Emulsion (Moisturizer) and Intensive Treatment (Night Mask)!

Olay Aquaction has hydralock technology, which makes it better than Hyaluronic acid, the golden standard of hydration! According to Olay, it’s 10 % more moisturizing than any another other moisturizers in the market! I understand it’s hard for you to believe without any proof!

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