Let’s Zumba!

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Since I’ve started Kayla’s BBG, I have been trying to live in a healthier lifestyle, doing things such as sleeping well, eating clean and not to forget, working out. Three simple steps to lead to a healthier lifestyle. After 3 weeks of eating clean I realized that my diet plays a big role in my new lifestyle. I try to keep track of my calorie intake and also try to keep it below 1200 calories per day.

Kid you not, whenever I’m out grocery shopping I always make sure that I check out the nutrition label on every packaging before buying it. As for breakfast, I try to stick with something that is filling and less than 120 calories. I have been eating muesli/granola bars for a while now but sometimes I find it too dry, I get thirsty after eating it. Sometimes I prefer a hot drink for breakfast instead of just a nutrition bar. That’s when Nestle Nestum comes into my life as one of my healthy partners =)

Nestlé NESTUM is Malaysia’s most well-known hot cereal brand. They have a delicious and nutritious range of whole grain products such as NESTUM 3in1 and All Family Cereals. The unique aroma and taste of NESTUM makes the cereals suitable for all Malaysian’s to enjoy.

DSC05006Last Sunday I was invited to Nestum’s 3 in 1 Nestum mobile zumba event to join the fun and experience my first ever zumba lesson.

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Kayla’s BBG – Week 1 – 3

If you didn’t know, I have joined Celebrity Fitness for more than 8 months already and I try going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. I usually go right after work because it’s a perfect place to release the stress I get from work.

A few of my friends and family members asked me why I need to go to the gym or diet since I’m already so slim. I might look slim but I’m actually quite fat and my body is seriously out of shape with all my bad eating habits. There is only one purpose of hitting the gym, it’s to tone up my body and maintain my ideal weight.


Joining the gym is fun because you get to workout with friends and each of you will motivate/support each other. It’s a good place to gather some positive energy haha. At first I tot it’s good enough to just hit the gym at least 4 times a week then it will work its magic on my body. I usually will attend classes like Fastfit, TRx and a lot of different cycling classes. My weight is still maintained and I dont really see any difference in my body besides being a little bit toner than before. The problem with this is that when you see how your body can change by just sweating and working out, you start to get addicted to it. I want to know how much better I can do and I want to see bigger changes in my body. I want abs and muscle definition on my hands and legs instead of flabby meat.

That’s when I started to realize eating habits and my diet plays the most important role. When I started going to the gym I tend to eat more because I keep thinking, “the reason to workout is to be able to enjoy more food”. This thinking is obviously wrong because you wont know how much calories you have consumed until you actually start to count it. You will have to burn more calories compared to what you had. Do you know to burn 1 medium french fries you will have to run for 49mins or cycle for 1 hour and 15 mins. So imagine nasi lemak or 1 burger meal from McD?  You will have to run or cycle for more than tat! OMG, if you go to the gym too then you should be able to understand how tiring it is to just eat a damn medium fries!

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4D3N In Nagoya, Japan

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I have never thought that I will get to visit Japan again after my previous trip in Oct, 2013. Japan has become one of my favorite places to visit after my first trip back in 2012. I like how well developed the people, the place, and the culture, are. Since I have already been to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, I really wanted to visit some other city in Japan. So, when I was told that I got to go to Nagoya for a 4D3N trip, I was beyond happy! The most exciting thing about this trip is that I get to travel with a few blogger friends like Citygal and Audrey! A 4D3N trip is more than enough for me to shop and eat in Nagoya. Since I spent most of my time visiting shopping malls and drug stores I shall share the places that I went to during my trip.

 This blogpost will be slightly different from my other travel because it’s more informative, and I will try to list down the places that I visited, the hotel I stayed in and how much I spent there! To those who thinking about visiting or even planning your trip, I hope my post will help you pull the trigger on that booking!

 Just like my previous trips to Japan, I traveled with Airasia because there is a direct flight from KUL to Nagoya (6 hours 40min) and the flight time is perfect because it leaves KUL in the morning and reaches Nagoya just in time for dinner.


 Our Japanese client was sweet enough to pre-book our meal, duvet and comfort kit to keep us comfy on the 6 hour flight. We were pretty lucky because the flight to Nagoya wasn’t full so we get to occupy 3 seats for ourselves to sleep! With the comfort kit and duvet, we created our own first class in economy class hahaha.

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A Date with DRx in Sinagpore

Remember I went to Singapore together with Audrey and Lumi for a day trip? Well, the purpose of this trip was to have lunch with DRx and also try out their hair and scalp treatment at DRx Tricho center. Some of you might remember I actually visited DRx Medispa a year ago when I was in Singapore with my friends! So if you’re interested in finding out more about Mediaspa and how it looks like you can check out my previous post here. If not we shall proceed to my day trip to Singapore!


Halo Singapore, a very clean and nice country! My first time flying with Jetstar and I’m quite surprised that the plane is actually quite spacious even though it’s a budget airline! Their service was way better than Airsia and the best part is that they fly from KLIA! I hate going KLIA2, it’s so crowded and the boarding gate is too far. Imagine, it takes you 30-45 min just to walk to the freaking boarding gate.

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Welcome To The Mango Tree Place

Halo everyone! Today’s post will be written by me (JO), instead of your regularly scheduled blogger (BO) because she’s been too busy recently and I volunteered to help clear this from a long list of backlogged posts. She’ll be blogging about her recent adventures in Nagoya soon so keep an eye out for that!

It’s not my first time around these parts, so you can check out my previous posts on our Boracay trip from 2 years back as well. Hahaha, yes it’s been a long while and if you were wondering, I’ve been doing well, but I think I’m growing old as I get rather annoyed at the news broadcast on radio these days; it’s full of entertainment news. For goodness sakes, the young ones are not really exposed to news these days, so why make things worse? I could go on and on…

OK lets try to get back on track here. Remember we went on short weekend getaway with KampungBoyCityGirl (KBCG) a while back? We drove up to Penang and stayed a night, and we really had a great time!


The girls we’re surprisingly comfortable in the back so off we went! On the highway, we put BO’s camera on the dashboard set on a self-timer. Pretty advanced groufie skills at play here.

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