Happy ♥ Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers and their loved ones!

I hand made a card for Jo this year! Dont judge me k, this is my first handmade card I have ever attempted for him. In fact, I have never handmade anything in my life before… (Dont mention those that we did in high school la ok)


20120214-113706.jpgThe back of the card

What do you think? I’m thinking to pick up this little interest as a hobby.

Thanks to Michelle who taught me and hooked me up to this!

When I was making the card, I was jokingly to Michelle that I think I’m talented at this and I think I can open a shop to sell all my handmade cards!

Hahahaha just a joke la!

Jo says it’s perfect for a gift but not good enough to sell. ==”

So what’s your plans for today?Im sure there will be a lot of proposals hahaha


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